Please submit both the .Rmd and a .html file on Canvas.

Do not use any packages to do the actual plotting on this assignment (it is okay to use packages as needed for data cleaning and manipulation)

Your assignment this week is to create data visualizations of your own data using base R plotting functions.

  1. First, help me understand these data. In a few sentences, describe the research design, structure of the data, and any quirks you think would be helpful for me to know about.

  2. Then, create at least 4 figures that help you understand and visualize your data. Bonus if these figures complement each other to tell a story of your data, but this is not a requirement. You should include code to do the following at least once across your 4+ figures:

    • At least two of your figures should be a different type (e.g., do not plot 4 scatterplots)
    • Change the default point shape, line type, and/or line width
    • Change the default point, line, bar, etc. color
    • Depict different groups in your data using shape, color, and/or size
    • Include a legend when plotting multiple groups in your data
    • Change the default axes to get them closer to publication quality
    • Create multiple figures in the same window using par(mfrow = ...) or layout()
    • Add lines to your data using abline(), lines(), or matlines()
    • Change the default plot title and axis titles